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The John Robert Cruz-Leo Fong Interview
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Leo T. Fong

Wei Kuen Do - The Martial Art Grandmaster Leo Fong created and constantly adds to the art to create an ultimate martial art.

Koinonia Productions - Where the best Books and Videos are offered for the martial artist to improve and gain knowledge.

Sky Dragon Entertainment - Leo Fong's personal movie company brings the best in entertainment.

Peter Hobart, a writer and Wei Kuen Do instructor, is creating a new book about Leo Fong and Wei Kuen Do. Anyone who has a story about Leo Fong and how he has influenced you over the years, please send your story to leofongstories@gmail.com.

Please be sure to include your full name and contact e-mail/phone number with your submission so that appropriate credit may be given and any follow-up questions may be addressed. If you are able to include a small photograph of yourself, it may also be used in connection with your submission.

The Editors will review each and every submission, but reserve the right to use all, some or none of the submitted material. By submitting your story you are agreeing that the Editors may publish your submission with appropriate credit, but without further compensation. The focus of this work will be the life and art of Grandmaster Fong and the tone will be positive. Accordingly, no defamatory, argumentative or self-promoting material will be published.

Thank you for being a part of this special project chronicling the martial journey (to date) of this living legend.

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